Mercy Musical Evening

mercy-musical-evening-1In keeping with the year of Mercy, Sr. Hilda Braganza, the Animator of Mazzarello Youth Centre and the National Coordinator for Social Communications along with her Team planned to have a Musical Evening on 25th September from 5 to 8 p.m. The theme being “Singing the Mercies of the Lord”. The backdrop was just wonderful. Fr. Leon Cruz, Missionary of Mercy had come along with his Mercy band consisting of young vibrant and talented young people.

The programme began on the dot of 5 with a movie depicting the life of our newly canonized consisted St. Mother Teresa. It made us introspect and see how much we could have done for others but did not do.

At the very start, the Postulants and Aspirants invoked God’s blessings with a Prayers dance. Sr. Hilda then extended a warm welcome to all those present and thanked them for coming to grace this event. Sr. Melissa D’Souza, was called upon to brief us about the programme.

mercy-musical-evening-4The first item was by the Mercy band. They sang two hymns namely ‘You are my all in all” and “Waves of Mercy”.  The hymns were displayed through the PowerPoint presented so that all could join in the singing. We then had the Postulants and Aspirants singing “God is watching over us’. Then Mrs. Rita More was called upon to give her testimony. Everyone was in rapt attention when she spoke about the day when she met with an accident and about the dozen of operations that mercy-musical-evening-3followed as she spent many months in and out of the hospital. It was so wonderful to hear her say that she had encountered God through the many doctors who treated her. While most of us would have said, “Why me, Lord?” here was a lady who kept praising God in spite of the terrible pain she was going through. We then had the Marathi choir with Jacinta Gracias and her group singing “Kiti Anand Ha” and Mukti dei Yeshu naam”. As most of us often neglect prayer, we had the Postulants urging us to pray through their action song “Pray about everything”. This was followed by the Konkani choir by Esperanca Rebello and mercy-musical-evening-2-1her family of musicians and singers who sang the hymns ‘Jezu bhaxen and Tujea utrak Somia”. Our Salesian Sisters known for their melodious voices sang a hymn to our Lady, “Let there be glory and honour to Mary”.  There were a few videos clippings and questions were put to the audience to ensure that all were attentive. Refreshments were served to all present. Each person was also given a small cross which is a symbol of mercy. The compere always steals the show and Dr. Sr. Teresa Joseph did just that.

No programme is complete without that ‘vote of thanks. Sr. Rosaline Pereira thanked the Provincial, Sr. Rita Dora Thomas, Fr. Leon and his Mercy band for their numerous hymns. She also expressed thanks to the choir groups and all those who contributed in some way or the other to make the event indeed special and a great success. (Dolly Afonso – Past-Pupil of Auxilium Convent)

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dscn9973On the 20th and 21st of September 2017 from 11.30 to 3.30 pm, Sr. Rita Mascarenhas dscn9972conducted a few sessions for the SHG women in Hindi and Gujarati. She conducted the session so well that the women didn’t want the sessions to end for another 8 days.
Sr Rita’s sessions were interesting and beneficial that all the SHG women were enthusiastic in learning. The sessions were based on ‘healing’. They tried what they learned at home on themselves first and found that they can be healed if only they carry it on with patience and regularity..
On the last day the session ending with a note of thanks for the simple and helpful tips learnt from dear Sr Rita.

‘God bless her in her work as she heals many more, doing Jesus’ ministry with love and prayer’, these were the words uttered by the SHG women.

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Girl child Day….Auxilium Wadala

img_7384Girl:  Indeed a Precious Pearl in today’s World

Where would we be if our mother was not allowed to be born?

Every girl is a precious gift. She is born in the image and likeness of God, equal in dignity as much as a boy.
On 21st September 2016 Auxilium Wadala celebrated the ‘Girl-Child Day’. During the prayer moment a short video on the situation of the girl child served as img_7367eye opener and inspiration to pray with much fervor for the girl-child all over the world. The students and the teachers were moved with the moving prayer moment. The harsh reality of the girl-child especially in the Indian society was presented to the students in the form of video clippings and a heart rendering song ‘Mother let me Live.
The programme came to a close with a short yet thought provoking message by Sr. Meena D’Silva.


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United in love to celebrate Mercy…Youth Fest, Lonavla

dsc03260244 young hearts and minds hailing from 4 different locations in Mumbai (Wadala, Bandra, Ahmednagar and Lonavala) for one common goal – TO RUN, JUMP, YELL, PLAY AND GROW TOGETHER- at the AYM Youth Fest 2016, gathered together at Lonavala on 17th and 18th September 2016. The theme chosen for this event was LOVE IS….. KIND AND MERCIFUL.

dsc03303The leaders of the different groups came forward in a procession with their respective school flags and the AYM group to which they belong.  Fr. Vally, SDB, the Chief Guest, then solemnly pronounced the Youth Fest OPEN at the Inaugural Ceremony giving the youth a meaningful message. Sr. Josephine, the Superior of Auxilium Lonavala, gave a warm welcome to the gathering, making everyone feel at home. This was then followed by the Lonavala students dancing to the tune of the AYM theme song.

dsc03331Being divided into 11 different multicolored groups, and additionally belonging to 5 different AYM teams- Auxilium Ahmednagar, Auxilium Bandra, Auxilium Wadala, Auxilium Lonavala and MYC Wadala, the youth were given marks for discipline, cleanliness, active participation, games and punctuality.

Sr. Sunita and Sr. Maria conducted the Ice Breaker which helped them make new freinds. Sr. Melissa, with her creative communication skills, began animating the youth with her session on the Touch of Mercy, using both audio visuals and interactive questions to get the attention of the youth to the need for each individual to make a conscious effort to make heaven on earth, by being the face of mercy in our world today, through ears, eyes, words, touch and footprints of mercy. In the evening, after a sumptuous meal, the youth viewed a movie on the Life of Mother Teresa. 

dsc03334Early on 18th September, all the youth came scrambling down to the hall, excited to see what the day had to offer. The Sisters organized a session of yoga for the youth, conducted by Sir Kalpesh which was followed by a beautifully animated morning prayer. After a good breakfast they had a session on forgiveness, animated by Sr. Cecilia, who through apt imagery and videos sent forth the message that forgiveness and mercy are not things to be earned but which are given out of our unworthiness, and so we too must be generous in forgiving and giving mercy.

dsc03318The Youth Fest had its share of fun and dance with the youth dancing to some new action songs with joy. They then viewed a part of the film on Human Trafficking. All the youth then participated in the Eucharistic celebration, with joy and fervor. After the Eucharist, Sr. Cecilia and Ms. Quincy Anne, a candidate in formation, shared their vocation stories on how they felt called by the Lord.

dsc03370After their lunch, the youth viewed the remaining part of the film on Human Trafficking, after which they were asked to get into their groups and decide on a slogan based on the things they learnt so far, and prepare a colorful chart depicting this slogan. The creative minds of the young people saw ideas come alive and merge together to create some wonderful works of art. Tr. Yolanda, a teacher of Auxilium Pali Hill, then animated a session on dsc03381Waste Management, focusing on the need of up cycling more than recycling today. We then had the solemn prize distribution ceremony, in which Auxilium Wadala bagged the first prize and Auxilium Bandra came second. Youth representatives from the different groups came forward to share their experience at the Youth Fest. Two youngsters thanked the Sisters and the organizers of the AYM Youth Fest 2016.

After bidding farewell to each other, the teams departed on their homeward journey, with hearts full of joy and minds full of wisdom, formed into youth who have come to understand the meaning of being channels of mercy, love and kindness to the world in their own little but unique way.



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Marian Nite….Sulcorna

dsc00071Someone has rightly said: “Devotion to Jesus without Mary is like the food without Salt”. The tradition which was passed on, by our founder Don Bosco to the entire Salesian family was, “Devotion to our Blessed Mother”. He said; “Have great Love and Devotion to our Blessed Mother and see the wonders God works in our lives.” 14th of August, on the eve of the Assumption of our Blessed Mother Mary, we the sisters along with the Salesians, conducted the “MARIAN NITE” for the boarders both boys and girls, the farm youth and children and also some of our hostel girls who participated in the programme. There were around 200 participants for this event.

The programme began exactly at 4.30 pm. They were divided into eight groups dsc00020according to their Marian titles and the badges were given to their respective group. The programme began with a short prayer moment, imploring the blessings of Mother Mary upon each of us. Soon after the prayer moment, Rector of Sulcorna Community, Rev Fr. Bernardino de Almeida, sdb extended a warm welcome to all the children and dsc00004youth and declared the Marian Nite open. Different kinds of Marian games were conducted like, Pictures Litany, Marian puzzle, treasure hunts, Marian Brain teasers, Advertisements, composing songs on Mary, Depiction of Our lady, Quiz,  etc. Besides these activities there were number of spot prizes given to the participants, in connection to Mother Mary. The statue of Mother Mary was beautifully decorated by the children. Each group presented their Advertisement, composed songs on Mary, as well as the table decorations and badges, one better than the other. The judges found it difficult to judge the advertisements and composed songs.

 dsc00002It was a great joy to see the children participating whole heartedly in different activities, displaying their talents as best as they can. As the activities were going on, snacks were distributed to the children. The entire hall was resounding with Mother Mary’s songs and games. The performance of the children, was indeed marvellous.

Finally, after the games the prizes were distributed to each group according to their points. The celebration came to a close by taking the photo of the entire group at  9.00pm. This beautiful Marian event ended with a delicious meal provided by  the Rector of Don Bosco and their community. All returned home with lovely memories of this beautiful celebration in honour of the most loving of all Mothers. (Sr. Betty Menezes)

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Marian Month……..MYC

dsc04927We at Mazzarello Youth Centre kept up our Marian Month from the 15th of July to the 15th of September. It was a month rich in fervour and devotion. During the month, the statue of Our Lady was beautifully decorated both in the chapel and in the refectory. Besisdes this, a statue of Mary was taken to all the different sectors for a few days. The Rosary and Marian recreation was animated by different sisters. We focused on ‘Mary – the mother of Mercy’

We had a special opening and closing ceremony with the students of our sectors – NIOS, tailoring, typing, computer, beauty culture, evening study etc. Since most of them belong to other faiths, we used this opportunity to tell them about Mary and her powerful intercession. 

dsc04926To conclude our month on the 15th, we had the ‘Court to Mary’, and a special Marian recreation. We then joined the community of Auxilium Wadala, for the adoration, Marian Prayer Service, Marian games and dinner on the 16th. This helped us to grow in our love, knowledge and devotion and also strengthened our relationships. We thank our Blessed Mother for always being by our side and pray that we may be her true daughters.

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SJTC…Marian Month

As Don Bosco has said “Have recourse to our Blessed Mother and You will see what dsc03829-copymiracles are.” We had the Marian Month from 16th August to 16th September 2016. It was a wonderful month in the company of Our Blessed Mother MARY. We the candidates had various activities for the Marian month. Especially the good-nights were shared with the candidates and they came up with their REAL STORIES / EXPERIENCES of the intervention of our Blessed Mother. The many activities also helped us to increase our LOVE dsc03814towards our Blessed Mother. The speech on our Blessed Mother made an impact on everyone in the community. Being new to this devotion of having the Marian Month, each one showed their INTEREST and LOVE by imitating the Virtues of our Heavenly Mother. We also had the Marian Pilgrimage on 9th September 2016 to Mount Mary, Bandra. The juniorate sisters of Mundhwa animated the Marian Nite for the Candidates on 10th dsc03804September 2016. It was a well animated Marian Nite. This brought a lot of Joy and Enthusiasm in all the activities conducted. On 16th September, we concluded our Marian Month. The entire day was dedicated to Mary from the morning’s Eucharistic Banquet, the Rosary in the evening, the Marian Prayer moment and the Marian games and Good Night talk.

We are very much glad and grateful to our community for having set aside this Month to spent with our Blessed Mother and to grow in maturity and love of our Blessed Mother.

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